Stupid Dog

A callous is only thick skin
Formed from blisters of mistakes
It doesn’t guard us
Just shows how being stupid
Time and time again
Gets the same results
And continues to hurt
Why you won’t listen
To simple reason
I don’t think I will ever understand
Why I picked you
Or why you keep coming back
After I left you
Used and wasted
Like a dirty Kleenex
Or Sanitary napkin
Just getting sick on yourself
Smelling of Piss and alcohol
It never took much to keep me satisfied
But you were never close
I openly admit
I used you
I left you
I moved on
But like a puppy dog
You keep crawling back
Rubbing your nose at my feet
Begging for another chance
Only to get a kick in the head


jared david said...

the first time i read through, i had some crazy thought, but lost it thinking about it. i keep reading trying to find it again, but nothing comes back.

i do remember i liked it though

Clockworkchris said...

thanks Jared-dont think too hard-just a poem this one, litterally just words. I'm a nice guy.