Words have barely passed your lips
To make the sounds that break the silence
Yet my eyes have captured you
Like a camera clicking away
Storing the image on film
Perhaps blinding you
With the flash
Of unexpected electricity
You could be my final match
So light up this cigarette
And help me stop trying
To play catch
With everyone who comes along
With a twinkle in their eye
They are not you
They don’t know what to do
When it comes down to it
I wish you would just stand there
Not be scared
Let me guide you through me
Just say yes


lissa said...

what an first impression, it always amazes me how people can see someone so differently than the next person, there is a romanticism in your words, and the last word being 'yes' makes such a positive poem....just rambling on, don't mind me

Clockworkchris said...

lissa I never mind you. It's open for comments for a reason and I would be just as happy with critisism, well maybe not happy but you get the idea. Thanks for seeing the positive side. Afraid today's other poem wasn't so positive. NaNoWriMo is draining when you sit for three thousand words straight.