I thought I was naive
But the tears that you see
Aren’t killing me
But healing my heart
Like caulk
Sealing up the holes
That you left behind
While I unwind
I wish you could see the progress
I make everyday
In so many different ways
Trying to expand my horizons
Past the endless place
Where the ocean or sky
Meets with your eyes
Instead of each other
Almost at the point where one step forward
Is only one step forward
And the gravity pushing me back
Doesn’t have the same effect
As it had before
Making it impossible
To move onward and upward
I thought I was naïve
And now I understand
That I am not your lady
And you are not my man

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soulintention said...

Great poem on healing - you can feel the time it takes to heal and the transition to letting go of how we once viewed a relationship that is over ---


thanks Chris for adding me to our blogroll - I am honored and will do the same ---