3WW finally

I noticed I wasn't in the blogroll after 2 months of absence so I decided I better get back on the ball

This week’s words are:


Those words seems to go together really well, especially if one is male.

*This is Imaginary* (I'm married)

She was driving me up the wall
Always a reason to be out
Never at home where she belonged
Leaving me here to pout

Maybe it wasn't as it seemed
But as I imagined things
My girlfriend was out fooling around
While I sat alone dreaming of rings

Perhaps I had jumped the gun
And I waited as time ticked
For something that was not meant to be
But her excuses were so perfect

Going to get me a present
Only I had to wait
Always with that slight smile
I had taken the bait

Then she was pregnant
And I was still a virgin
Fifth grade is a bitch
When you are only ten


deathsweep said...

Holy Shit - good one!

TC said...

Welcome back to 3WW.

I felt like the words were hand-picked to go together this week as well, lol.

I like the line about leaving him to pout... how cute!

Tumblewords: said...

How clever and funny in a 'poor little kid' way! Love it!

Sherry Smyth said...

Wonderful!! Espeically the part about the "pout"!!

Linda Jacobs said...

Funny and scary! Did you hear about the middle school in Portland, Me, that gives its students birth control pills?

WriterKat said...

The ending is great. What a surprise ending!

UL said...

oh boy that last line was a killer, scary...but done so well.

Truefaith1963 said...


gautami tripathy said...

Chris, you had me going! Good to see you back!


little wing writer said...

...it's always something... great poem...

Katie McKenna said...

Funny story!