Meeting a New Person

The flirtatious laughter
Which ensued immediately
Upon meeting him
Drove her up the wall
Brought out feelings
That had been repressed for years
Opened up doors
That were thought to no longer exist
Causing so much blood
To begin pumping so rapidly
That she almost lost balance
As she fell into the chair
To say hello

Things would never be the same
She knew that after one look
Into his eyes
But the barriers between them
Were many
Such as the circle
On his finger
And the blank look
In his face
No language was sufficient
So silence ensued


wendy said...

I loved that she fell into the chair to say hello.

Great visual element there.

satyr said...

irony such. smile.

YOA said...

Lovely. Amazing how well you captured the woman's viewpoint. I really like this one.