Not to poetic or original but it describes the afternoon...

It's missing!
Trace back through all the steps taken
When did you last see it
In the parking lot at breakfast?
Call them
Nope not there
Under the sofa
Maybe the bed
Check out the office
The bathroom
The closets
Both cars
Three of four times
Weren't you weeding
The garden
The trash can
The garage
Check everything again
Begin to panic
Lots of money
All those credit cards
And cash
And ID
Stolen Identity
Getting worse
Oh wait...
The recliner
Insert hand in crack
There it is
The wallet
Only three hours wasted


Crafty Green Poet said...

Yeah but anonymous sums up how it feels to lose a wallet!!! Three hours! At least you found it!

strauss said...

Been there done that!!! Although I never have to worry about the "lots of money" bit. And they might be in for a rude shock if they tried to use the credit card. Ha Ha, nicely captured moment.

the Book of Keira said...

Gawd.... sounds like our house...lol.

Clare said...

Good suspense and details Chris! I've totally been there losing things and the mad search to find them. I lost a ring last week and spent a couple frantic hours searching, only to look down and see it on the opposite hand -- I must have moved it in my sleep! I felt stupid but relieved.

And Miles To Go... said...

ugh...the feeling. Losing a wallet. My whole world seems to disappear and see nothing else but where the heck that thing is!! The worst feeling in the world. That is a great post. I almost relived it myself :)