Hot Tub

One hundred and three degrees
The water churns with bubbles
Reducing physical pain
With the heat and pressure of movement
Refreshing for a short dip
Releasing some of the stress

But do you really ever think
What is in this "wonderful water"
When children are young enough to have sleepovers
They learn about the hot cup of water trick
Put someones finger in it while asleep
And they tend to wet the bed

Well, most people in hot tubs are either young or old
And probably don't mind urinating below the bubbles
Not to mention deodorant, cologne, perfume, spit, sweat, and dirt
From all the people that disregard the shower first sign
Then again there are also those sex freaks
Leaving other bodily fluids in the water

Keep on thinking that the heat kills everything
But if you can handle it, is it really that hot?
Worth a chance of sitting in blood or worse
And it gets a twice a month clean
Maybe we should all think again
Before the next trip to the hot tub

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