42 months

This is old school for me. Eight syllables per line with lines 2 and 4 rhyming in every stanza. I never try this stuff anymore because it is too contrived and not free flowing, but for Anne I can write a nice one every once in a while.

I had just about stopped thinking
About all this holiday mess
Then I was smacked right in the face
What a great weekend I confess

Today being one of those days
That I don't want to just pass by
Forty two months ago this day
She gave me the incentive why

Making a U-turn back to the
Person that everyone had loved
From a stupid, playing addict
To someone that needn't be shoved

If memory serves correctly
Until three years we'd celebrate
Each month spent with one another
Because our love was so innate

Seeming a bit ridiculous
After thirty six times around
Decided to save our money
For a new house, the payment down

That perfect communication
One might hear about in those books
Does not really exist at all
We even still have our mean looks

But when it comes to forgiveness
Treating the other with respect
Finding a way to compromise
We are very close to perfect

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