Sometimes I wake up feeling buried
Much worse than just
The wrong side of the bed

I'm in a coffin of sorts
Unable to move
Scared and Petrified
Running out of Oxygen
Feelings bugs wriggle around me
And the only sound is silence

But it doesn't matter
I still have to get up
Because I have a purpose
And I'll be damned
If even this will keep me down

Maybe taking almost all day
I make my way though the nailed wooden box
Inch by inch up through six feet of soil and rock
And reach the surface

After a cab ride home and a shower
I go out with the broken fingernails
And bruised arms, legs, and chest
To make sure I at least try
To help one person
Before I go back to sleep
And start again


Crafty Green Poet said...

Gosh that sounds grim - it reminds me of the vampires Buffy kept finding crawling up in the graveyard.

Pauline said...

Some days are just like that! I've had mornings when I feel just as you've so aptly described...

Read some of your other posts, too - very interesting place you have here.

paris parfait said...

Great poem! I like the persistence throughout...

Clockworkchris said...

CGP-ewwww-Buffy! JK-whatever you get from it is fine. I hope the older movie and not the series.

Pauline-appreciate the comment and compliment about the site-It's only been up for less than two weeks so I hope I can keep it interesting.

Paris-I try to be persistant with everything I do, but with poetry I have a point and have to get it across by whatever words necessary to make it obvious to me. Thats when the fun comes and everyone gets something else out of it.

writerwoman said...

I have been there! Great description using the coffin analogy. It made the confinement seem real.

GeL(green-eyed lady) said...

Hi- The comparison to a coffin is a strong image and I can identify. Some days are like that!
Yes, it often is a way "to dig out" by helping others since you're shifting the focus.
You sound very giving of yourself "Broken fingernails, bruised arms, legs, and chest"

BTW, if you're the one I read about on Poetry Thursday who had to take his wife to the ER, I sure hope she is doing better. Please tell her.

GeL of Emerald Eyes

Clockworkchris said...

Sara, nice to see you back. I'm glad you enjoyed the poem. Sometimes I do feel very confined much more so than just a bad day, but thats life.

Gel, I can tell you've had experience with bad days as well. My whole life before college was helping people. I volunteered at a phone line for children and teens with problems answering calls. I don't think about it much now becuase it's just my job and when I am off work I only have my wife and a few other people I talk to offline.
It was her in the ER and she is back to 100% now. Thanks for you're concern.

Joy said...

This was powerful, great work here Chris!

I've felt this way many times in the past - I know how hard it is.
And I completely agree with Gel:
"it often is a way "to dig out" by helping others since you're shifting the focus"

Clockworkchris said...

well said Joy