Sunday Scriblings #269 -FLOCK-

Animals follow in suite one after another
Having a leader but at the same time all equal
A flock does what is best for the group
The leader at that time staying rational
With us, the number of followers
Often fuels a leader with a power hungry addiction
Propelling them forward in bizarre directions
Both dangerous and devious
Much more preferable to see a flock of geese
Fertilizing as they walk through a yard
Than a flock of soldiers
Pillaging and bringing death
Mindlessly following the orders
Of the dictator who happened to be
King of the mountain for the day


Jingle said...

cool take on flock.

love the imagery of mountains, gees, and dictator's rules...

keep wriitng.

check out poets rally and join us with a free verse if you can.

Kate said...

Nice write. And we are the 'civilized'. (And now I can't stop think of Dr. Seuss' Yertle the Turtle.)