Carry on Tuesday #107 -So little done, so much to do-

The speed of life for many
Seems to be at one extreme or the other
Flying by so swiftly that we can’t keep up
Or creeping by so leisurely that we become uninterested
With no happy medium in between
Is it really life that changes pace
Or our perception and state of mind
That make it what it is
A depressed person might ponder
So much to do, so little done
But are they really making progress
Past that which is simply necessary
A manic person similarly always stays busy
Yet is never caught up
So much to do, getting it done
But is staying busy any better
There is always something else
Another thought that needs to be addressed
In between you will find those
Who have learned not to worry
Finding a balance in the middle
The porridge that was just right
Without having to go into the bear’s house

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Whitesnake said...

certainly different!