3WW-Erratic, Luminous, Omen

The night before had been dark as pitch
But the moon this evening was luminous
As if it had skipped several phases
And the sun was just around the corner
Shining brightly and reflecting off
A giant mirror hanging right above our heads
Possibly a bad omen, possibly not
We began to look for anything unnatural
Overlooking perhaps the most obvious
The erratic behavior coming from Jack
First it was simple short spouts of noise
But as the light grew brighter so did the volume of his howls
Until he began to jerk back and forth
As he ripped off his clothes and sprouted long course hair all over
The transformation was sickening yet hypnotic
We watched our friend run off on all fours
Into the hills behind the tall Elms
Never to be heard from again


Jessica Prescott said...

wow. what a great way to take that prompt!

Alice Audrey said...

After something like that he was probably too embarrassed to be seen again. :)

Great use of three words. Here is my attempt.

rmpWritings said...

nice tail...I mean tale. definitely a hypnotic experience...they're lucky they lived to tell about it.

Christine said...

Werewolf in London perhaps.

Alice Audrey said...

I've had all kinds of problems with Blogger, not even thinking of when the whole thing went down for a couple of days.

Anonymous said...

Ooh werewolf story, nice take the words really are perfect for this

Fear Not the Darkness but What lies Within said...

LOL we both saw werewolf in these prompts love your poem