Don't Lie

His face told the truth
The tone of his voice
His movement
His volume level
Thinking only that I
Was out to get him
A lesson both needed to learn
Be responsible for your own actions
The rational person would have been afraid
But I wasn't
He is bigger, stronger, and probably faster
But I only have irrational fears
Like my cat being murdered
Nothing involving people
We both learned something
Yet we already knew it
You can only change yourself
After saying it so many times
Will I ever really get it
I'm not sure


Jadu Saikia said...

Nice one, ...You can only change yourself... I liked it.


The Mad Celt said...

Chris...bloody fantastic poetry. You are crisp and precise. Mania can do that to a man, I KNOW. Peace be upon you.

AnnNuh da Bestest Sr said...

I'm glad you wrote about...umm...let's call it "special people". I like it when others see how idiotic people can be - it makes me feel like I'm not the only one wondering how some people have jobs. Where has common sense gone?

By the way, the line about being bigger, stronger, faster totally reminded of that song you like. hehe

Clockworkchris said...

Jadu-thanks for stopping in. Appreciat the comment.

Mad Celt-love your blog-great place for a person like me to get away with things I would not say here.

Anne-yeah real subtle there. The line she is refering to for anyone who reads this is from Daft Punk-Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger-makes me think of Michael Phelps.