Bi-Polar Bear

What a lucky creature
Living at both ends of the earth
Showing us all the emotions
Starting off with happiness
At times the colors glisten off so brilliantly
The white is hard to imagine
The simple reflection of a spectrum
Of wondrous light shining down
Then at times emptiness
The light goes out
Without it the fur ceases to matter
Nothing but a killing machine
Black Night with claws and teeth
Scared more of me than I of him
Hard to believe
Then the stable polar bear
On Lithium at the zoo
Without the ice
Just a small pool of water
Swimming in a captivity
That is all he has known
To have snapshots taken daily
By strangers
Like a movie star
Surrounded by Paparazzi


The Mad Celt said...


jared david said...

very nice...interesting perspective

writerwoman said...

If I think of this as an analogy for a person dealing with mental illness then this poem becomes quite deep and every line one to dicpher and mull over. Nice work.

lissa said...

two lives of a polar bear? maybe I think it also reflects us, how sometimes we are free and sometimes we are trap in someone's or our own cage, one doesn't always get to choose, guess that's life

soulintention said...

very well expressed the insanity to which we subject nature - is it a mere reflection of our own lives?


Clockworkchris said...

This worked out well-I am visiting each and every blog as I get comments to payback the favor as well as meet some new people.
Jared-Appreciate it.
Sara-as usual, you got my intent...but everyone is right, it's all in how you read it.
lissa-you picked my pet peeve-I think we can always choose something-but I would never start crap with a blogger-you opinion is valid and appreciated.
Barbara-Yes it's a reflection, but also a statement about nature and how we insist on making everything fun for the humans.

ptdiep said...

I too have pondered the madness of the polar bears. Thank you for articulating it so well in poetry.


Jane Doe said...

This is a wonderful poem. Not only can I relate to it because I am bipolar, but it also reminds me of the polar bear I saw the last time I was at the zoo. It swam back and forth in its tiny habitat, performing the same motions again and again without even the slightest variation. One could tell from its behavior that it was quite mad from being trapped for so long. It was so sad and heartbreaking that I have not been back to the zoo since then.

Thank you for sharing!

Best wishes,


Clockworkchris said...

ptdiep-thanks for the compliment and I will try to articulate more things well in the future.
Jane-after visiting your site I see I have found another kindred spirit who uses writing as the outlet for all the fun bi-polar can bring into someone's life.
Today has been a great day!