Sunday Scriblings 12/2/07 #87, Walk

Going for walks was fun, that is until it became a daily routine/chore/requirement for at least 3-5 miles Monday-Friday. At that point I was not enjoying it anymore. I got sick of it and had to stop paying attention. Some of my best poetry was created at that time because I had not a thought but the music pumping into my ears from my newly aquired MP3 player that I bought specifically for that purpose. In one pocket the music, and in the other the digital recorder to catch all the thoughts and ideas I found while walking and listening to music. This went on for over a year. And those poems just kept coming. But then I put my foot down. I had heard all the songs, not just ones I liked, but over 30 gigs of MP3's over and over again until my head ached. I decided to start sitting them out, or suggesting other activities. Now I don't walk. Maybe once in a while, with my wife around the block, but it's not what it once was. It doesn't clear my thoughts to be outside. END RAMBLING

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