Writers Island 10-27 Haunted

Some call it haunted
I must disagree
Whenever I visit
I only feel free
In graveyards
Abandoned houses
All those places
People scream
I simply
Enjoy the quiet
Where the dead
Take their sleep
Seeing something odd
Would come of so surprise
After all imagination
Can trick your eyes
As for me no visions
Of ghosts or of grandeur
There are places much worse
From Those I've mentioned
Prisons, and wards
Where the living can not speak
Are much more frightening
Than graveyards you see


Caty said...

Love it!

UL said...

Truely stated! There are worse places than graveyards, worse people than the dead. Thanks for sharing.

YOA said...

This poem really needs no comments. It is simply but powerfully stated in the last lines. Magnificent.