Sat Special 7-7

~My Dreams ~ Try Using Photos~NO!

1. My dream house is?:

Well, no pictures but I love the one I lived in growing up and my house now. I am easy to please. If I could choose I would love a two car garage and a basement, 3 bedrooms, an office, a nice place to display my swords (probably the basement), and plenty of room for friends to park. Also like a covered and screened in porch (which I will have Monday). No pools or hot tubs. They are too much maintenance. Grew up with that crap. I also want a big trampoline. It's more about stuff than the house. I really like those houses that Centex makes-middle of the road with an attic. I also love split level. I live in a one level but the yard is small which is a must and the neighbors are really nice. Anything is better than an apartment where the neighbors are annoying.

2. My dream car is?:

Something really energy efficient. I used to love Ferrari's and Lamborghini's but now I just want a hybrid that looks half decent. I also love the newer version of my car in a hatchback and most hatchbacks for that matter. I just don't want something like a Cadillac or an SUV. I hate big things.

3. My dream vacation is?:

I visited family recently and thought it was much more fun than going to Hawaii for my honeymoon. I guess that is what I like. I also want to visit Thailand and watch some Thai boxing and I used to want to visit Amsterdam for obvious reasons but not anymore.

4. My dream life is?:

I am living it. I am happier than I ever thought I could be. Getting along with my wife and mother is all I could ever ask for.

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