Sat Special 7-21

~Vacation Preferences~

1. Traveling by Air, Sea or Land?:

I've never traveled by sea. I hate long car rides. And I also hate airplane delays but they feed you funny cookies so I like air best.

2. Hotel, Camp Grounds or Summer Cottage?:

I've never been to a summer cottage. There was a time for camp grounds but being married I will have to go with the hotel.

3. Sightseeing, Weather Related Sports or Relaxing?:

I do not like sports much. I love relaxing and do that everywhere no matter what so I don't consider it a vacation because it's constant. That leaves sightseeing and I like big things. Pyramids, Sphinx, Effile Tower, Leaning Tower, Great Wall of China, and I love art (especially freaky new abstract art that one finds in colleges from students).

4. Favorite vacation season?:

Getting anywhere in the winter here usually involves going south or driving through snow. In the case of going south that would be nice. I would say fall or spring are really nice but I love those seasons when I am home. In the summer I would love to go somewhere colder or less humid so I guess anything is fine. I don't do vacations very often. Usually just sit at home.


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