3WW 7-18

This week's words are: Cope, Revealed, Stick

I was trying to cope with the stress. Parents always get you down. That is what I always thought. I went outside after hearing the dissapointing news that I might actually not be able to go to Disney World this summer because of cutbacks at the factory my father worked at. I picked up a stick after stick to use as swords and take my frustration out in the woods beside my house. Many of them broke as I hit them against trees and brush, but there always seemed to be another one. I was being agressive and imagining I was in the military as most boys do when they are young in one way or another. As I threw one of the sticks into a small hollow, briars were pushed aside and a small opening was revealed. I pushed aside the remaining briars and found that the opening was just big enough for me to shimmy into it so I ran back to our garage and got a flashlight. I turned it on and looked around and saw a small box in the back of the hollow about eight feet back. Despite my fear of enclosed spaces I had to know what was in the box. I moved back and forth very slowly, first making sure that getting out was possible and that I could make myself move both ways. Once I got close enough to reach the box I pulled it forward and then moved back out pulling along the box as I moved. When I reached the woods again I opened up the box. Inside there were letters that appeared very old and underneath some strange coins. I took them back inside and saw that they were dated from the 1700's and were communications between slaves that had been on a plantation and written in code. The coins must have been that old as well. I found that the coins although dingy were actually silver and gold and offered them to my father. My summer ended up okay and from that point on I kept

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