I thought to myself

I thought to myself

Hey, I will make someone’s day

Tell them how impressed I am

Maybe ask a question or two

Go the extra mile

Try to make a friend

Give someone a smile

Then I remembered

Why I never do that

But it was too late

I had already opened

My big mouth

The response was short

On the surface seeming

To just state a fact

Questions are too personal

But the hostility behind it

Burned me

Like the games I played as a child

Who can hold their hand

Over the lit candle the longest

As much as I want to apologize

I am afraid it will only make things worse

So I will just write

My cure for everything

Another poem

That they may or may not read

And within twenty four hours

I will have forgotten

The pain

But remember once again

To keep my mouth shut

I wish it was easier

To just make a friend

And everyone did not jump to conclusions

With alarms blaring

And lights flashing

I really am that nice guy

I appear to be

But no one knows

So I write

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