Those weird animals
Like a mix between
A pig and a big hamster
Today is their day
And here in NC
We rarely see one
Instead using whatever animal
Is handy for the place
For example Lexington
Our Southern BBQ capital
Used a little pig
Covered in perfume

For me the day has no wonder
I don't care about shadows
Today my father misses
His fifth consecutive birthday
No more perfect
Than any other dad
Although maybe less
He remains my father
And I especially miss him
On this day

Memories of the pathetic presents
Like socks or ties
Because I was a cheap skate
And how he at least seemed
To enjoy them
As if they were diamonds

Memories of him pointing out
The one place
I have ever seen a groundhog
And how once I stopped my car
Right beside it
Trying to pick it up
Watching it dart through traffic
Making it safely away
From the cars and me

Memories of learning
How to play chess
In a gradual progression
The way to think ahead
To be competitive
And to put myself
In someoneelse's shoes
Whether to gain an advantage
Or just better understand

Yet more memories
Road trips
Covered bridges
Oriental architecture
My first date where he drove
And our last ride together

And the final memories
His lifeless body
As I walked into the house
My tears had already ceased to flow
The preparations
Funeral and Burial
And this day
Every year
Reminding me
Of him

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