The Dance

Eyes lock across the room
Like magnets
As if seeing one another
Through a mirror
The serenade of steps
Echoing through the room
Mimicking each other
Almost mechanical
Yet as fluid as water
Until they encounter
Face to face, hand to hand
Time stops for an instant
As the tune fades out
And the next dance begins
The two appear as one
Indulging in each other's flesh
Without a care
For the observers
Enjoying the unequivocal spectacle
Of love at first site


Anonymous said...

Talk about an incomparable moment: Love at first sight (oops, check your spelling, although it's funny, it's the first site of their meeting, so the locale works too!).

This has hints of Neruda in its intimacy. Loved this, and it's my first time at your blog, found through Rob and Writer's Island. Here's mine:
Peace, Amy

Anonymous said...

This is a beautifully crafted poem, with subtle consonance in the middle section. I enjoyed it very much.

Jingle said...

creatively done.