To put it simply

I want to break her face

There were times when I would never have had the thought

To hit a female that is

But those times have changed

There is always an exception to the rule

She personifies evil in my humble opinion

And therefore does not apply to the usual rules

The medications I have been taking

Took charge and did not allow me to be myself

So I requested that they be changed

As my illness begins to take leaps backwards

And this familiar feeling has returned

Where the idea of being “upset” is foreign

There are simply two emotions left

Love and Happiness being one

Rage and Destruction being the other

Sometimes I picture waking up from a blackout

Covered in blood from the pounding of my fists

Looking down and not realizing what I had done

Because I see a carcass wearing clothes

Rather than a person

Although the chances are a billion to one

That I could just walk away without a word

It somewhat comforts me to know

That if needed I could stand up for myself again

And not turn into that sad little boy

Needing to wipe the tears from his eyes

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