The only reason you are here in my opinion
Regardless of what your purpose may be
Is to listen to me bitch and whine about today
And how in some way I have managed to misconstrue the facts
So that today was worse for me than the day Christ was crucified
And in reality I have almost no justification
Except that so many things went wrong
That I did have some control over
Which made me feel weak, powerless
And like a lost soul who will not find his way home
For years to come on a road full of barbwire and acid
Where I must walk barefoot until I find the way
Because the simple truth is
I am an attention seeker and this is how I get off
If I don’t tell the world how terrible or great my life is
I would be a nobody with nothing to say
While my bottled up emotions may actually make me explode
So here it is
The truth
Another shallow grave

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