Rainy Car Ride

Seeping down the window
The rain spashes and pours down
Outside the car
As we drive and drive down the road
Both too angry to speak
I turn up the music
And think about far away lands
Where there are no cars or roads
Or you
But I love you
It's true
Just another one of those times
They never seem to end
Where I think the smallest thing
Is going to be the end of the world
Another flake of dust
In the wrong place
At the wrong time
That could actually make me explode
And ruin my life
Over nothing
Why does everything have to be so hard
Why doesn't the medication work
Why does this feel like a test
That I've failed ten times over
But never learn the lesson from
And then we arrive
And I pretend it's fine
Until we drive home
And I go to sleep
Waking up to remember nothing
That's the answer
If I never slept
I would think it through
But I enjoy the bed
And the night
So I will go on pretending
That I feel no pain

1 comment:

Marcia said...

Chris, the conclusion to just not sleep made so much sense... but sometimes even that time doesn't allow the thought to complete, I think. Either way, your ending is just so realistic.