In Just Five Minutes

Last night I lay jagged
On the recliner
Forcing myself
Not to give in
And making myself
In my own bedroom
I needed an apology
Yes it was trivial
Yes it was petty
Yes it was many things
But if life can’t be
As fair as I’d like
Outside in the world
Then in my house
With my fingers crossed
When voices raise
Hurtful things are said
Some simple sincerity
And the self-realization
That you have upset me
By saying you’re sorry
Is what I would ask
Lucky I did not run
To write a poem
At that time
For as always
The anger
Frustrated thoughts
The actual depression
That I felt
Words in my head saying
Slit your wrist
Show her
Bleed everywhere
Call 911
Ruin both your lives
Were forgotten
Until I wrote this
But it is over
Nothing new
This is never easy
But if I knew
It could be so hard
I would have never met her
And love overcomes everything
Even this

1 comment:

Marcia said...

I feel real love is worth the down times... it is just rough getting through them sometimes.

Love is hard somedays, people disappoint, we disappoint, and though a normal part of life, having a release, be it writing or another hobby, sure makes a difference.