The HBO documentary on Coma’s was very effective at making sure I have a living will, but that’s about it. How terrible…

Mother is there
All day
Quits her job
Has to believe

Father is frustrated
Reducing the therapy
That seems backwards
Have you given up
Bastard Doctors

During the Brothers
One documented visit
A tear rolls down
The patient’s face
Seeming so purposefull

Like someone is inside
Trying so hard
And succeeding in producing
One saline drip
Signifying life

Before the verdict
After an MRI
Vegetable for life
Mom is back at work
So much pain

This is one of the four stories that they covered over a year. One man completely lost all hearing in his ear and the part of his brain that controls the ability to translate hearing so one has to write. One man died. The female is like a pre-teen but she can walk and talk after a few years. Such misery. Today there was no music I wanted to uplift me. Just share how I found out that Comas are no joke.


gel said...

important post

Marcia said...


It had to be hard to watch. Not sure I could have.

AnnNuh da Bestest Sr said...

As sad as it was, I'm glad you enjoyed something I taped on a whim. ("Enjoyed" sounds like the wrong word, but I think you get my drift.)

soulintention said...

Chris - if this interested you - you will also be interested in either reading or listening to Dr. Joan Bolte-Taylor's book - "Stroke of Insight" -- she is a neuroscientist who exprienced a Left brain Stroke --- she speaks of the experience and the resilience of the brain. I bought the CD's and have listened to them a few times -- barbara