Somewhat Healed

It's been a long time
And like a season, Yes
Leaves Change
As do Feelings
They were perhaps misplaced to begin with
Which is where we strayed
The laughs and smiles
Were all that could have stayed
And crossing that line
We have both paid
View points obviously askew
For one of them is me
And one of them is you
I don't know what tomorrow holds
But a true friend
I can never have enough of
Yet words are how we communicate
And a wall has been built
Crushing the syllables as they are wrote
How do we move on
We can't go back to the beginning
And there seems to be no end
I too should have thought ahead


Nancy said...

Hi there Chris..thanks for dropping by and for leaving a message on my comment box. Yea, I've heard and read about the present issues of your country. My boyfriend is from there too. I guess they're just politically motivated and like here, it's usual.

Anyways, I enjoyed reading your articles here..keep updating.

Have a pleasant weekend!

Edward said...

This seems a painful poem full of regret and sadness. I like the structure which lends itself well to the subject of the poem.

By the way, I hold a weekly poetry prompt on my website if interested.


AnnNuh said...

For someone who is constantly telling me that their poems aren't as deep as them seem, this one doesn't fit that mold.

Fall is my favorite season because it's the one change that I can enjoy...I love all the colors and how "new" everything feels. As you know, I am a true person of routine, but this poem reminds me of how things can change and how we must adapt.

Clockworkchris said...

Thanks to all.