Simon Says

For those who could possibly understand the meaning, this poem actually is not as shallow as it appears and has a barely under the surface hidden agenda.

Being in a generation

Anywhere close to mine

You might remember the game

Simon says

Following directions

But making sure

Only to do

What Simon says

We all used to think

In terms of players

And that the last player

Was the winner

Bollocks I say

Simon never loses

And if the game were to continue


Simon would win again

Today Simon will lose

Simon can no longer tear me down

Make me feel worthless

And bark orders to me like a bully to a child

The word boycott comes to mind

I will not play any more of Simon’s games

Nor will he play mine

I will not help Simon in any more events

I will not listen to another word he says

Simon owes me an apology

And until that point

Simon can forget about its ticking time bomb of a friend

And how a compliment

Was turned into an insult

Because Simon only barks orders

He does not listen

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